Schoodic Point and me...

© 2015 Kyle Pinjuv

A quick note to say hello and to share a bit of news…  I’ve been selected this year as artist in residence at the Schoodic Institute at Acadia National Park.  I’ll share more specifics on my project upcoming, but briefly, I’m attempting to create a portfolio of portraits of those associated with the park, staff and volunteers, who help make it all happen – protect the natural resources associated  for the long-term, while simultaneously connecting visitors to nature and the outdoors.  As you might guess, it’s a film based project using mostly antique large format gear, but some medium and micro (i.e., 35mm) format too.   I want it to be a “Maine” story.  And you know, my greatest hope, as such, is for my photographic process to equate to an expression and communication of my own personal experience; a means to further hone my own way of seeing and describing the world around me.  …but I guess this is something we are all striving for with our photography, huh?  Anyway, I really wanted you all to know about what I’m up to, and again, will have lots more to share with you sometime soon.   Thanks for all the well wishes!

Yours in silver gelatin,


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