Hugging trees in the Debsconeags

You know, I nearly held back from sharing this because there is so much wrong in my photography. Wishing for thoughtful composition, elimination of hot spots, a considered foreground, no branches in faces, a normal perspective, and of course, film…  That said, the smiles and overarching sentiment makes it for me in spite of the flaws. 

I spent this past week in the Debsconeags Lakes Wilderness Area measuring forest conditions (similar to USFS FIA work for those interested) with a super enthusiastic field crew.  As you can see here, they all drank the conservation Kool-Aid.  Regardless of incessant biting insects, wet feet and clothes from rain, smashed shins as a result of my crazy map and compass navigation through the woods, general heat and humidity, and no running water or electricity, Nancy, Marissa, Mariana, Hillary, and Andrew reveled with our plant monitoring tasks and the beauty found at our forest plots.  Not one complaint beyond my own grumblings and bellyaching…  Nothing but smiles and laughs all around…  What a fantastic bunch!  

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