Don't undertake a project unless it is manifestly important and nearly impossible. ~ Edwin Land


I've been shooting a bit, most recently, with the Impossible Project's instant integral film in old Polaroid cameras.  Though quite experimental in nature, some photographers are getting phenomenal results with Impossible film.   Really nice stuff with a lot of potential...  After seeing a video explaining how to create an image by lifting the emulsion from a Polaroid print onto another substrate, I had to give it a try.

This is my first emulsion lift made using the Impossible Project's  PX 680 Color Protection instant film onto Canson Montval watercolor  paper. 

Orange, lemon, and lime

~ Daniel J. Grenier


Here's another of my attempts at an emulsion lift, using a photograph made with a Polaroid SX70 SLR camera, the Impossible Project's PX 100 Silver Shade First Flush instant film, onto Canson Montval watercolor paper.

Pears in the kitchen

~Daniel J. Grenier


Finally, for those interested, here's a Youtube video I ran into that outlines how to do an emulsion lift.  What Fun! 

(Fair warning - the music in the video is a bit over the top.)