Pathmakers - Print Enlargement

"God, or the gods, are invisible, quite understandable.  But holiness is visible, entirely."  ~Mary Oliver, Felicity

I thought I might show a bit of my process for those who may have interest.  ...and to remind you to step away from your screen to make something with your hands!!!  

Kodak Professional Tri-X black and white negative film, Beseler 45 enlarger, Ilford contrast filters, and Oriental traditional silver fine art paper

~Dan Grenier

2015 Artist in Residence
Schoodic Institute at Acadia National Park

Printing in the Darkroom is an Art!


Photo captured by Thomas Hoepker in 1966.

Print and print mark-ups by Pablo Inirio


Photo by Dennis Stock

Print and print mark-ups by Pablo Inirio

Check this out on Petapixel.  No questions, creating traditional wet darkroom prints is truly a craft.


And some more interesting words on Pablo Inirio and the dying art of darkroom printing on The Literate Lens: