I manage conservation lands in Maine, and each year I bring on seasonal staff to assist me with my ground work.  I’ve always been fortunate, pulling in smart and dedicated people, but every once in a while, someone exceptional comes in like Andrew.  He’s been helping out for the past six months, and above all, I greatly admire his calm and thoughtful demeanor, particularly when working with and around others.  He just makes people feel good.   Andrew has also exhibited a true ease and comfort in the woods, something that most don’t start out with.  He’s keen and thoughtful and has proactively identified problems and ensured things have remained in hand.  And boy, has he completed a lot of work.  One of my biggest challenges during his stay has been trying to stay a few steps ahead of him!  I should also mention that he’s a Vermont native, so beyond land conservation, he’s interested in farming practices, is a “die hard” snowboarder, and isn’t too sure about Maine’s mid-coast flatness.  That said I’m certain that over the summer he’s developed a love for the Downeast bold coastline.   What’s not to like, huh?  Anyway, thanks, Andrew, for everything, and good luck with those next steps.