Conservation Rockstars


I thought I’d share a photograph of this summer’s trail crew.  Once more we’ve been working on the Fire Warden’s Trail leading to the summit of No. 5 Mountain located in Township 5 Range 7, Maine.  It’s been a three year trail improvement project that’s proved to be a huge success thanks to the smarts, sweat, and non-stop energy these conservation rockstars have given.  My role, in reality, has been incredibly limited, but it’s clear that this was a good thing.  All the micro-scale, on-the-ground decisions were made by these guys – problem solving on the spot to best ensure protection of the resource while providing the visitor enhanced connection to the outdoors.  And in a fashion that has proved seamless and mostly unnoticeable.  This to my mind stands testament to the skill and brilliance these young best of the best brought to Maine.  As I look at this photo and think about this final year of trail work, I’m reminded of how lucky I’ve been to play my minor role as cheerleader, and I’m inspired by the wonderful act(s) of service I’ve witnessed on behalf of our shared natural heritage.   …my deepest gratitude to the Student Conservation Association, and most importantly, all most directly involved on site (you know who you are.).  You’ve left a huge, long lasting impression from many perspectives, and again, thank you.  ~Dan G.