National Audubon Society at Hog Island - Debbie




“There's not a word yet, for old friends who've just met.” - Jim Henson, Favorite Songs from Jim Henson's Muppets

I’d like to introduce you to Debbie.  She was a participant this summer in a raptor focused education session at the National Audubon’s Hog Island in Breman, Maine.  Debbie and all of the participants in the raptor program opened my eyes to lots, including the online world surrounding a pair of nesting osprey on the edge of the camp.  You see, there is a webcam focused on these osprey, and people across the country watch nature’s drama unfold in real time for this pair and their young living in Muscongus Bay.  I was completely unaware of this nature based cam culture and how enthusiastic and involved people can be in what seemed to me such abstract distance.  Who knew?  While program emphasis on Hog Island was on osprey, participants, like Debbie, learned much more about birds of prey and their critical role in the mid-coast environment.  ..and what was really fascinating from my outsider view, was watching how Audubon staff used the osprey as a pivot to open a larger natural world for course participants.

Debbie and I talked lots during down moments of camp programming and quickly became great friends.  She came knowing lots about osprey and was super happy to have opportunity to relax in Maine and re-center.  I really enjoyed learning about her river and mountains in Georgia, and chatting about life, books and music (She’s a massive David Gray fan!).  While I’ve only known Debbie for a short time, she feels like a friend I’ve had forever. I think she looks pretty chill in this photograph we made.  It’s one of my favorites for sure.  Thanks, Deb!

Hasselblad 500C medium format SLR + Zeiss 80mm f/2.8 lens + Kodak Professional Tri-X 400 black and white film

~Dan Grenier
2017 Artist in Residence
National Audubon Society, Hog Island