National Audubon Society at Hog Island – Cleo, Kristi, and Julia


-Cleo (left), Kristi (right), and Julia (middle)


"It's around the table and in the preparation of food that we learn about ourselves and about the world." -Alice Waters

This is Chef Cleo and sous support Kristi, and Julia.  They are, without question and for obvious reason, the most loved on Hog Island.   ...and let me say that Cleo and her crew make sure that nobody goes hungry.  Prior to each meal, time is taken to describe what was is being served, how it was prepared, and when local sources were used (something that is stressed from the kitchen).  Cleo provides options for alternative diets, and again, goes out of her way to ensure that all leave content.  This may seem like a small thing, but it's not.  Though not voiced direct to me, it's clear that the food experience at Hog Island is thought out to make sure that all are in the best place to connect with nature, to learn about Maine island ecology, and about their place in the world.  Eliminating any food concern is clearly weighed integral by Cleo, Julia, and Kristi for larger Audubon programmatic success. Very neat.

Thank you, Cleo, Kristi, and Julia, for your kindness, for taking care of me during my time on-island, and for helping to provide for my exceptional experience with National Audubon.   We made a nice photograph, huh?  I love it!  Much appreciation.

Linhof Technika large format field camera + Schneider-Kreuznach 150mm f/5.6 lens + Kodak Professional Tri-X 320 black and white film

Dan Grenier
2017 Artist in Residence
National Audubon Society, Hog Island