Acadia Pathmakers - Gary and his crew


Gary and his crew


"You see something, and you really see it, and then you must spend your life to get other people to see it.  And that's been my story all my life."  ~June Leaf

This photograph has a group snapshot feel, which falls a bit outside of what I was going for with my project.  Still, I believe that it proves to be the most important photograph of the set because it successfully includes Gary, the Trail Crew Superintendent, seen on the far left.  Without question, Gary’s long-term vision for the trail system, funneled through the crew and stewarded over decades, equates to that experience, which for many is Acadia National Park - A near-Zen minimal viewpoint connecting people to nature in a most subtlety Maine way.  Stewardship and sense and importance of place equate to a relevant chain of history...  It seems so obvious to me now, but had not completely occurred to mind until shown via granite, chisel, wood, dirt, rock bar, muscle, never-ending drive, smarts, and ingenuity.  Thank you Gary and the Acadia trail crew for all that you do to protect and share this bit of our natural heritage.   We are all in your debt.

With the greatest respect,

Linhof Technika large format field camera + Schneider-Kreuznach 150mm f/5.6 lens + Kodak Professional Tri-X 320 black and white film

~Dan Grenier

2015 Artist in Residence

Schoodic Institute at Acadia National Park